For all our brethren and sisters Masons without distinction of Rite.
For the public in general.
Our history tells us that on 22 August 1825 the Rito Nacional Mexicano (Mexican National Rite) born. In that year, due to irregularities that existed in México, both in the York Rite and in the Scottish Rite, raised the desirability of founding the Rito Nacional Mexicano, with the aim of uniting Scottish and York Brethren, maintaining the universal principles of Freemasonry. For this purpose met Bros:. Guillermo Gardette, José María Mateos, Guillermo Lamont, Luis Luelmo y Goyanes, Cayetano Rinaldi, Carlos Rinaldi, Juan María Mateos, Francisco Ocampo and Mariano Rodríguez, 5 scottish and 4 York Brethren. By then there was likewise the French Rite in Europe.
They discussed a lot about the new Mexican Rite regularization and appointed a commission to propose the bases. The appointed to this effect were: Cayetano Rinaldi, Luis Luelmo y Goyanes and José Maria Mateos.
THE AUGUST 22, 1825 approved the following bases:
1st .- The Rito Nacional Mexicano would be free and independent as the Mexican nation.
2nd .- It would consist of a Supremo Gran Oriente (Supreme Grand Orient) and a Grand Lodge, under its own bonds and legalized.
3rd .- The three symbolic degrees (Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master) and the high levels would be six with the names after they were adopted and proved, Maestro Aprobado (Approved Master) Caballero del Secreto (Knight of the Secret), Caballero del Aguila Mexicana (Knight of the Mexican Eagle), Perfecto Artífice (Perfect Architect), Gran Juez (Great Judge) and Gran Ispector General de la Orden (Grand Inspector General of the Order).
4th .- In every state of the Republic shall install a Grand Lodge, composed of at least 5 lodges.
5th .- It will be the work for the betterment of man and his virtues, for the sake of wisdom, harmony and brotherhood.
So, this day was installed legally entitled the Rito Nacional Mexicano, with the right that its founders, Master Masons all of them of Regular Lodges, had, and the Gran Logia Nacional Mexicana (Mexican National Grand Lodge) was installed on March 26, 1826, with the name of “La Luz” (The Light), and was comprised of 5 lodges, namely: The Anahuacense, Equality, Independence, (where Benito Juárez García become a Mason, the Father of the Americas) Terror of the Tyrants; Indian Recklessness and Mexican Light.
At 186 years after its founding, we the Mexican Masons are deeply proud of belonging to an institution which has been characterized by giving to Mexico and Patriots and cultivated men, lovers of peace and law, respect the human rigths, loyal followers and defenders of the Constitution of the Republic, of which we declare as part of its makers because many of our brothers participated in its construction in the Constitutional Congress.
We build the most important building that can have a people who will help you get, secure or defend their rights. There are four stages that distinguish our people and four most distinguished representatives. Hidalgo, Mason, gave us the National Independence. Juárez, Mason, gave us the Reformation. Madero, Mason, gave us the Mexican Social Revolution and Lázaro Cárdenas, Mason, gave us economic independence.
Our Brethren Mexican Masons from the Rito Nacional Mexicano, receive of our Country and other Countries, a warm greeting.
Dr. Rodolfo Garcia Rosales, Ph.D.
Great Luminar, Grand Master.
Supremo Gran Oriente del
Rito Nacional Mexicano, A.C.

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