Governor Jan Brewer has enacted a law (SB 1070) will enter into force within 90 days, arguing that the measure “protects all citizens of Arizona.” The obvious question is: what or whom the law protects the citizens of Arizona? Latin American citizens (mostly Mexicans) who go in search of a better future? Those who work the fields that produce what they eat, that build the houses they live in, that fix the cars they use, that manufacture the goods they consume, that serve in the restaurant, that cut their gardens? The 460 000 of those undocumented immigrants living in Arizona, who have abandoned their country, places and people who love to get a chance to resolve the poverty in which they live?
The reality of this legislation is that it has become a crime beeing in the country illegally, that is, that any foreigner for the simple fact of crossing the border illegally, it becomes criminal and can be prosecuted accordingly. Also empowers the police force to question anyone about their immigration status, simply on suspicion of staying illegally in the country. We know too well that the suspect would probably be caused by the outward appearance of individuals, ie, if one has the face of Mexican or Latin American or Asian in general. So, because of their race may be treated differently from others. Is not this called discrimination? Criminalizing someone for their race, their color, their creed is not an attitude inherited from the bloody regime of the tyrants of the worst that Europe has given, German Nazism? What’s next? Mexicans now ask to use a cactus embroidered on their clothing at chest level, to recognize them and forbid others services? Do we then make ghettos for confinement? Looking for a “final solution”? Does the United States of America did not learn the lesson that history gave mankind? This has a name. It’s called racism and xenophobia.
Perhaps these laws are very popular with Arizonans, but probably being popular doesn’t implies that they are right. The Nuremberg laws were very popular among the people of Nazi Germany and racism became something legal, and after it was Apartheid in South Africa. Arizona is already legal in the racism.
This law is contrary to the values that animated the great men of the United States, like Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln, remembering that it is an immigration country par excellence, because the original settlers of the United States now live confined to “reservations” and so this law is to be an affront not only to the peoples of Latin America, but for the world’s population to the human race. This is a repressive law unconstitutional and can lead to de facto racial discrimination.
If we do not unite today to protest the flagrant violation of human rights in Arizona, we might regret tomorrow.
Benemérito Rito Nacional Mexicano Antiguo y Aceptado.

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